How can Data Journeys help me with the data-driven transformation for me, my teams, and my organisation?  

The Data Journeys private members forum brings together key technical and commercial roles to build expertise and explore use cases around the efficient interplay of data to deliver value for the whole organisation. It enables members to share with and learn from peers to gain practical guidance to increase the value of data in delivering business strategy. 

What if I need a deep dive into a particular aspect of transformational data management?  

Our clinics are designed to help and assist you on the data journey – that’s why you can book a free, confidential, no-obligation 45-minute clinic session to speak to one of our tech experts from Telstra Purple. 

We explore a range of themes, from people, processes, and technology - to find the best approach that meets your business goals or professional objectives. 

What you will get 

  • Access to one-to-one, in a safe environment, with our experts to learn about industry trends and the latest technology developments around data and data management 
  • Discuss your current business challenges while we can build a snapshot of the potential solutions 
  • Our clinicians have delivered successful outcomes in many industries, ranging from tier-1 banks to Fortune 100 global technology corporations. 

We focus on Discover and Define elements of our 4D methodology to help you understand organisational context and analyse the best outcomes. 

More about the 4D methodology 

Reduce risk and retain control at all points in the project life cycle. For over 30 years, this approach has helped organisations to transform their IT, keeping them secure and giving them powerful data insights to help plan and align to their objectives, accelerating project implementation by 25%.  

Our deep domain experience helps our community members build a clear pathway to their digital transformation journey. Security Design & Assurance is deeply embedded within the methodology, protecting not only your data, but all other aspects of your organisation.  

Book a clinic

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