Another brilliant Data Journeys meetup this morning with our members, Advisory Board, and hosts YafaaBradley, and Ed.

Some really interesting insights, speakers included:

– Samir Boualla, CDO at ING France
– Tom Bennett, COO at JLL
– Oliver Sayers, Data Officer at Nuveen

One of our community ambassadors, Joe Gilligan, said:

‘’There is a real disparity between certain industries’ data maturity, but almost all are beginning to look at this in earnest. For example, retail is considerably ahead of property. With financial services, it depends on the type of organisation.

For those who are beginning their journey, it is often best to work with an agile third party who can partner and provide bespoke solutions. Best-in-class data science and machine learning expertise is in considerable demand.

There is also a greater demand for data competencies in commercial roles such as COO as it continues to prove such a business enabler.’’

Blog to be published on Thursday, October 1st.


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