Advance faster than you or your organisation could on your own.

Between ClubCISO, Data Journeys, Accomplish More, and New in Role we have developed communities for curious, ambitious leaders from IT and transformation, data and security.

Our communities provide an unique opportunity for tech leaders to access a creative and collaborative environment to fast track the development of their business and people.

Join us for the Purple Festival, Thursday 2nd April, 6pm, Central London; we’re bringing people together to share, solve problems and inspire purpose in technology.

Each community will hold a break-out session for you to experience a condensed version of their members only meet-ups, and discuss key topics of interest with your peers.

Are you ready to experience this collective effervescence?

• Special guest speaker: Mike Bugembe (Bestselling Author, International Speaker)
• Meet the Community Board
• Talk tech & debate
• Cocktails, Mixologist
• Food Trucks

… and much more!

There are limited spaces available so please register your interest early.

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