An annual celebration of our communities.

Move yourself and your organisation forward faster than you could on your own.

At Telstra Purple, we believe in the power of collaboration and the wisdom of crowds. Between ClubCISO, Data Journeys, Accomplish More, and New-in-Role we have developed communities for curious, ambitious leaders from IT and transformation, data and security.

Join us for the Purple Festival where our membership communities are about bringing peers together to challenge received wisdom, create meaningful experiences and build supportive networks across industry sector.

The Purple Festival provides an opportunity for technology leaders to access a creative and collaborative environment to move their industry and the people in it forward more quickly. Come prepared to share: contribute actively, be open about your experiences, add your voice to the common goal and support your peers.

By championing the creation of communities, we can help people and organisations go on transformational journeys.

We’re bringing people together both in person to share, solve problems and inspire purpose in technology.

There are limited spaces available so please register your interest early.

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