Data Journeys Mission

Our mission is to explore and promote the critical role and value of data within the organisation and in society

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What is the Data Journeys Community?

Data Journeys is a global private members forum founded and funded by Telstra Purple, for data management leaders, working in public and private sector organisations.

We bring together key technical and commercial roles to build expertise and explore use cases around the efficient interplay of data to deliver value for the whole organisation.


Who is Data Journeys for?

Data Journeys is for senior leaders engaged in the challenges and opportunities of data management in organisations.

Member profiles encompass leaders delivering digital transformation and/or involved in infrastructure, networks, storage and cloud such as: CIO, COO, CTO and CDO along with Heads of Infrastructure, Networks, Storage, Cloud and IT Director.


The benefits of joining Data Journeys community

Explore and promote the critical role and value of data within the organization and in society.

To provide a supportive environment to discuss and build personal and professional development.

Encouraging collaboration and change to raise the profile, importance and role of data leaders within the organization.

Enable members to grow their network, be involved in proactive discussion and gain practical guidance to increase the value of data in delivering business strategy.

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Membership rules

  • A list of companies that hold membership is available to members only, however, identity of individual members is confidential and cannot be shared with anyone outside Data Journeys and Telstra Purple without express permission from the member.

  • The membership is open to senior practitioners only (not open to vendors or companies providing Data and Analytics/Information Technology services).

  • General public comments may be attributed anonymously (e.g. “one of Data Journeys’ members takes this view…”) in order to advance the aims of Data Journeys.

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